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Let’s roll, it’s time for a new beginning

I have to confess that a tear fell while I was writing this post, the first of a new era. Since I started Assim Que Rola, in October 2012 (this year we are celebrating 6 years!), so many things happened, we had a break of 2 years, a terrible migraine, too much investment with no return, but I never gave up and here is an website on air as I planned in my mind a long time ago. It was because “Assim Que Rola” that I joined the industry, it was when I began to conquer my space in electronic music as well as in my professional area, the digital marketing.

Assim Que Rola is a label that came out from the Internet and for the Internet. The idea since the beginning it always was created a large musical content platform as it opened online space for brands, artists and events. Although it initially appeared in a blog format, I’ve always had this vision of expanding the brand to other channels, working on content in different formats. We already produce column in newspaper, articles for printed magazines and in the last year we started to work our audio/visual content (Spoiler: we are working on a lot of content here!).

As an agency, we work on Digital Marketing creating campaigns in the main media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Spotify and Shazam), over the last few years I’m very proud of great cases and clients we had work on it, like Vintage Culture and D-EDGE.

“I see what you mean, but what now?”


As you may have noticed, all the old blog content is no longer with us. The first version of “Assim Que Rola” wasn’t WordPress, now that we changed the main platform I decided that I would repost the best old articles, a weekly #TBT with old content. Aside from that the blog will be the same, with irreverent articles, interviews and now with special guest columnist entries (btw, if you want to suggest a subject for us, send it by the e-mail : contato@assimquerola.com.br), besides content related to digital marketing as well.


Yes, we got it and now we have a channel on YouTube! It’s already on air our Dirtybird Campout East 2018 RECAP and we have scheduled here to many contents to release there. New themes will be there soon, like #TAGs, #Interviews, #Vlogs and the music videos, follow up!


Here is an important section to us, the record label. Before anyone asks, you can send your demo music to us by “Contato” page. Our audio content now is at the spotlight of our main content; EPs, Singles, Free Downloads, Playlists and Podcasts it is all assembled in the same space. Speaking about it, have you seen our Coachella playlist? Check it out!


The most part of people don’t know what I really do, actually my main thing is work with artists,  both with the label and as an agency. So we decided to create a session to give more visibility to the artists as well. There you will find the artists music releases, shows schedule, bio, gallery and more.


In 2017, we did our first event in Sao Paulo and we want to do many more from now. Of course, it will be highlight on our new web site besides the events that we promote as an agency, after all we know that you like to party!

I want to say thank you so much for all my team that works with me, in special my partners of Moss Agency that did this awesome layout, Muraki and Haggen you guys rock!

Well, well, that is it. Welcome and let’s roll!